Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Resolutions

This year I waited until the second week of January to share my resolutions! There are two main reasons for this. First, I wanted to make sure they were attainable, so I made sure I could stick with them for the first week. And second, I have found writing down my goals helps me accomplish them! 
(Story time: I found my goals from senior year of High School where I shared one of my goals was to travel the world...it gave me butterflies because I have really made that dream a reality.)

So, here is what I want to accomplish in 2019!
1) Take daily vitamins: 
When I was younger I had one of those vitamin gummy bears every day, but I had an epiphany this winter break that I am an adult now and I do not take vitamins. So, I now take about three vitamins a day and I feel it is going to make a difference in my health

2) Exercise: 
You're probably thinking "Well, duh!" but I am treating this one different than most people might. About two years ago I fell in love with exercise, specifically spin, as a stress reliever and an hour escape from my busy day. After moving to LA I fell out of my routine of attending spin classes and I have found I am way more stressed lately, so I want to embrace exercise again as a stress reliever (but, I won't complain if I lose weight too!) 

3) Treat Food as Fuel
I am a strong believer that food should be used to fuel your body! Obviously, to each their own, but I feel my best when I am eating a majority of one ingredient foods that are full of nutrients! My goal to treat food as fuel is more so to eat to make me feel good, as opposed to "eating healthy 24/7." This means, if I wake up craving a cinnamon roll, I will eat a cinnamon roll, but if I wake up craving oatmeal with almond butter, then I will have that! Weirdly enough 9.5 times out of ten I crave the healthier option!

4) Be Present
Obviously, I want to use social media less and have face-to-face conversations more, however, what I find more difficult is allowing my mind to rest to actually listen to the people around me. I have become a very forgetful person this year, especially of the little things and I think it is because I am so busy remembering where my favorite influencer just had her wedding or the paper due in COMM 320 on Tuesday (Yes, my mind never stops thinking about these things). I want to make a great effort to be present with those I am with and enjoy the moment I am living in!

I hope my New Years Resolutions inspire you to make your own (its not too late) and to write them down! I promise you I will be reading these in a year's time to see the progress I have made! 

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