Friday, July 15, 2016


Out of all the times, I have ventured up to Los Angeles, this was my second time exploring Malibu. The most notable restaurants along PCH that I noticed were Mastro’s, Nobu, and Malibu Farm. After sitting in the famous LA traffic, we decided it was best to eat at Malibu Farm because it is the only location in California, as opposed to the other options. Malibu Farm is known for serving fresh, organic, and locally grown food. I was slightly skeptical because I am not a big fan of “healthy “ food that tastes like plants or is very bland. But, Malibu Farm totally surprised me! The food tasted so rich and delicious and lacked the after-meal guilt. I took a bite everyone’s meals and it is safe to say I loved everything (very rare for me)! Along with the restaurant, a market and small shops are at the end of the pier, which makes the long drive (two hours for me) worth it. Aside from the fact that the restaurant d├ęcor and views are perfect for photos, the food is incredibly decadent! If you are ever in the area and have patience for traffic, I highly recommend taking and adventure to Malibu Farm!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Go-To Brunch Outfit

My latest obsession has been getting brunch, which also means sleeping in enough to miss “breakfast.” After waking up late, the last thing I want to do is put on jeans because on lazy days, when I get to sleep in, comfort is everything!! Normally I will throw on my Lulu Lemon Wunder Unders and a t-shirt, but I decided I needed to start changing it up. This is when joggers and I became BFFs! Joggers are comfortable, sporty, and flattering (unlike most typical sweatpants)! All I had to do for this look was put on one of my softest t-shirts, an oversized jean jacket, and I was ready! I love to wear my Nike Roche’s with this pair of joggers because they are a very similar color! Also, I added my navy blue baseball cap to add more blue with the jacket. This look is perfect for the days you want to swap your jeans for sweats! I purchased my joggers from an LF store and they are the brand “Emma & Sam.” Check out the joggers below to add to your wardrobe!


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