Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cloudy & 65°

Day to day, Los Angeles is known for being Sunny & 75° . Recently, it has begun to get a little chilly and I am living for it! My favorite outfits to wear are when I get to layer and pretend like it is practically snowing outside when in actuality it is only about 60 degrees. One of my favorite jackets I have ever owned is this faux leather jacket with an accent of black, faux fur. The jacket makes the outfit so much cuter than just wearing a basic leather jacket and it keeps me warm (which, of course, is just as important). Since I found myself wearing all-black outfits so often I began throwing on a pair of gray jeans when I found myself reaching for yet another pair of black jeans. In this case, I wore my favorite jeans that are waxed and have zippers (which the jacket is covering). I also added a black turtleneck crop top underneath for more layers, my favorite sunnies (just in case the sun peaked out later in the day), and of course my go-to black booties.  This jacket is for sure going to be one of my staples for cold days in LA! Check out similar ones linked below to twin with me. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Third Street Promenade | Santa Monica, CA

Ever since I was a little girl, my parents would take me and my sisters up to Santa Monica for mini-vacations! We would walk around the huge pier (where we would beg to ride the Ferris wheel and play carnival games) and would always spend hours walking along Third Street Promenade. For those who don't know, it is essentially a closed-off street, a few blocks from the beach, full of any shop you could think of, accompanied by restaurants and street life! Several years after these mini- vacations I have found that this area still remains one of my favorite places to hang out in LA. Because the weather is (almost) always beautiful, it is such a great place to do a multitude of activities. Some of my favorites include shopping (shocking, I know right?), strolling around and possibly seeing an exciting street performer, and eating at some of the divine restaurants (some of which are hidden gems)! If you have the chance to visit LA, I would for sure put this on your "Must-See" list! 

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