Sunday, March 31, 2019

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Oh. My. Goodness! This trip was by one of my favorite of abroad and it officially made Italy my favorite country to visit! I was confused at first whenever people said they were going to the Amalfi Coast because it is made up of multiple cities. When I visited we stayed in Positano and it was the most beautiful and close-knit town, yet all the other cities you have probably heard of (Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Naples, etc.) were easily accessible. 
When I arrived in Positano (we flew into Naples and took a car to Positano) I immediately went to soak in the sun on the beach (with a bottle of Rosé of course). 
The views were incredible and looked straight out of a magazine!
Our hotel arranged a boat to take us to Amalfi and enjoy a full day on the water (with unlimited prosecco, which we took full advantage of)! It was a day I will never forget and I cannot describe how happy I was to be reunited with the ocean. 
Our Boat
While in Amalfi we got lunch (see below) and I got custom sandals made for me! We became friends with the guy and he made it such a fun experience.
These photos are proof of how happy I was all day long! I am without a doubt going back.
For our last day, I took a ferry from Positano to Capri and then took a boat tour all the way around the island. I was instantly charmed by Capri, but recommend going closer to the summer because of the beach clubs that will be open during the summer season.
The Blue Grotto
The main reason we did the boat tour was to get to the Blue Grotto, which was fully worth the extra payment you have to make once you arrive. TIP: You must pay in euros because you literally pay them while you're in one of those tiny boats. Funny story...I did not have any euros on me and so I bargained with other tourists with American cash to get euros.  
Pina Colada & Lemonchello Slushie
Before catching a ferry to Naples (to get to the airport) my friend and I enjoyed these refreshing drinks in the sun!

Positano is a very small town and most of the restaurants are down in this area. Most of the restaurants that are higher up are closed during the winter months and so we went to the same restaurants a lot. They were delicious though, so no complaints.
Chez Black
I loved this restaurant because it is directly on the beach and consistently delicious! The staff was also very friendly and welcoming.
Ristorante Max
This place was really cool because it had paintings all over and felt like someone's living room. It is a little fancier than the restaurants on the beach too. My food was delicious, but some of my friends' food was SUPER salty (no exaggeration), so it would not be my first choice.
Ristorante Buca di Bacco
This is another restaurant on the water that served delicious food. We went here for breakfast and lunch while in Positano and I really enjoyed the gnocchi!
Amalfi Terminal 
When we arrived off of our boat in Amalfi we were starving and so we went to the first place we saw, which was was this one. I would argue it was a bit of a tourist trap, but it was still really good quality and portion size. 
This was my breakfast on our last morning in Positano and I am still craving this cannoli! It is a small, local bakery that our hotel recommended to us and most people pass by. I would highly recommend stopping by here while in Positano.  

We stayed at Villa Flavio Garcia, which I was highly impressed by! While it is recognized as a three-star hotel it was so clean and decorated in a really authentic manner. The people were also incredibly helpful and kind. And I hate to brag, but look at the gorgeous view from our huge, private balcony!
Staying in Positano can be confusing if you have never been before because it is a vertical town. I personally loved staying toward the bottom by the beach because it was in the middle of all of the action, however, if you stay somewhere higher up you will have postcard views for sure!


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Though I only spent literally no more than twenty-four hours in Brussels, I was so thrilled I could see the city! My friend and I made it our mission to walk all over the city to see everything we could in a short time. As you can see we covered a lot of ground and even got to enjoy a few waffles!
Grand Place
Old England Building
Palais Royal
Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert
Botanical Gardens
Manneken Pis
I came across this place on the internet and it was for sure one of my favorite hidden gems I found while abroad! Who knew such a delicious pizza would be in Brussels?!
Maison Dandoy
Of course, I had to have a Belgian waffle for breakfast! This place was a little boujee, but completely worth it.
Peck 47
For lunch, I was craving breakfast food and came across this all-day breakfast place! The chai latte was so delicious and though the avocado toast looks kind of interesting I loved it.
NH Collection Brussels Centre
Since we only had 24 hours we needed a hotel that was centrally located and close to the train station, so this hotel worked for our needs! It also had an amazing gym I wish I had time to take advantage of (but I used my time to eat waffles instead ;). 

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