Saturday, April 23, 2022

Las Vegas (Skylar's Bachelorette Edition)

I had so much fun this weekend celebrating Skylar's Bachelorette in VEGAS! It went by soo fast and I didn't get that many photos (which is when you know you're having a good time), but you can see our full itinerary in the top photo! We stayed at the Encore, which I loved, and would 100% stay there when I go back to Vegas.
On our first night, we went to dinner at The Mayfair Supper Club at the Bellagio! The food was divine, but there was also a show during dinner that made it super fun! After dinner & the show were over we got to dance on the stage (they played 'Dancing Queen' which was a huge plus)! Later that night we headed back to Encore to go to XS (purposely unpictured ;).
The next day we went to Encore Beach Club which was the highlight of my weekend! We had a table and danced all day long next to the DJ booth. It felt like such a fun summer day because it was HOT but we got through it with water & margaritas! Later that day we had dinner at Wazuzu which wasn't my personal favorite, but it did the job. Then we went to Magic Mike Live which was soo much fun (highly recommend)!


Sunday, March 27, 2022

Paso Robles, California

One of my favorite getaways from LA is Paso Robles! Not only is it a beautiful wine country, but it is also generally affordable to road trip and stay at The Allegretto (always book in advance). This is from a trip I took with my boyfriend, but I have also been on a girls' trip to Paso Robles and it was just as fun!!
On our first night, we had an early tasting at the JUSTIN Tasting Room Downtown which was so nice to start our weekend. We had our flight with some nuts and chocolates & loved every bit of it. It is located in this adorable square with great restaurants & bars all within walking distance!
After our tasting, we walked to The Hatch where we had a great, casual dinner. There are so many options and while The Hatch wouldn't be my #1 pick it did the job! (See my #1 restaurant pick on Night Two below)
One of my favorite parts of Paso is this little speakeasy called Eleven Twenty-Two which is located behind Pappy McGregor's Pub! You'll notice I only have a photo of the entrance (very unlike me - I take pictures of everything), which is because they securely take your phone while inside to give the feel of a traditional speakeasy back in the day! Experience aside, the drinks are insanely good and the bartenders are so kind & spoke with us the entire time! 
As I mentioned before I love staying at The Allegretto while in Paso Robles for so many reasons! Almost every room has a view of their vineyard, the grounds are pretty big and offer plenty of places to explore during your stay, and my top reason would have to be their delicious breakfast and cappuccinos! 
After breakfast, we got ready and had a car service pick us up at the hotel for our day of wine tasting. My favorite car service in Paso Robles is Lush Limousine because they offer great prices & you can even have the driver use your personal vehicle! 
Our first stop was Daou, which we have both already been to and LOVE! I mean how could you not with these views and charcuterie?! It is so breathtaking and peaceful, but also Daou has some of my favorite wines. I found it so wild that people recommend 3+ hours at each vineyard, but the time does fly at a place like this! We also ran into a few friends while here which made it even more fun.
Our second stop was Booker, which is also another one of my favorites that I have been to before! The interior design here is a complete dream and they have the cutest dog. We really enjoyed the more upbeat vibe at Booker and hanging out with the pup who loved Scott lol.
Booker also has a cave below the tasting room that is saved for private events and we were lucky enough to check that out along with their barrels! I cannot wait for the day when I attend or host an event in the cave because it is so cool (& yes that is the exposed earth in the circle lol) and the vibe is like being an elevated living room of a good friend! 
And last, but not least my favorite meal in Paso Robles, which is also in the downtown vicinity, is Il Cortile! It is a small, delicious Italian restaurant that is slightly upscale. The food is always amazing, the people there are so kind and I couldn't resist having a lemon drop martini as a nightcap on my day of vino! 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Bowl LVI

If you know me, then you know my family & I are huge Rams fans! The Rams had such an amazing season and we lucked out because the Super Bowl took place on our home turf - SoFi Stadium! We had such a fun squad attend the game and while I thought it would be like every other game at SoFi, I quickly learned I was wrong.
Every Super Bowl ticket comes with a tailgate experience and there are a ton of tents across the different parking lots. This was such a great way to start the day! The tailgate had so many different games like cornhole, football targets, and our personal favorite, 'giant pong' (lol we played for at least an hour). Along with the games was a huge stage with live entertainment and delicious food & drinks (not pictured, oops). 
Walking into the stadium is what made me realize this was not like any other game! The energy was electric - everyone was so excited to be there for their team and it truly felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the coolest parts had to be the halftime show where we each had a lanyard with lights that lit up with the music. I heard that some sections did not get any audio and while I'd argue the performance is 100% made for the TV audience, I was happy that we could still hear the songs!
SPOILER ALERT: The Rams won the Super Bowl!!!! This was the cherry on top of such a fun, first season in SoFi Stadium and the comradery of fans was indescribable! I am so thankful for this experience and will cherish the memories of this day! Go Rams! :) 


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