Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sleeveless Sweater

Fall has begun! I love this time of year because it is the beginning of the few months (in California) where I can wear oversized, comfy sweaters! But with the 80-degree weather, I must improvise. Honestly, I have never been crazy about the idea of a short-sleeve turtleneck shirt, just for the simple reason, it seems quite contradicting. However, I went out on a limb and gave this sleeveless sweater a try! I love the nude color because it matches dark denim, light denim, and even this black suede skirt! I am obsessed with this skirt because of the zippers! Also, this black suede skirt is so versatile that you can dress it down with a white tee and dress it up with a blouse (just some ideas). I finished the look with ankle booties that get a lot of love because they are one of my staple pieces! All in all, I encourage anyone who is longing for fall, but feels like it is too hot for flannels and skinny jeans to try a sleeveless sweater!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Flannel Skirt

When I think of Fall I think of plaid! Skirts have been my current obsession and I love this skirt because it fits like a glove. Once it cools down I cannot wait to wear it with black tights or over-the-knee boots! I paired the skirt with this white top because it is cropped to the perfect length! Also, these booties are my favorite that I got from a little boutique in Rome! (I found a very similar pair linked here!)You can never own enough black booties, I promise! Check out my favorite skirts for fall below!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

S'well Bottle

The past school year, reusable water bottles were very popular. In particular, the brand S’well had bottles selling in every boutique and department store I shop at. Due to the fact that I saw them everywhere, I had to get one (of course). Once I received mine in the mail, after ordering it online, I could not stop using it! I would leave it in the car with cold water and practically four hours later it would still be cold! While this worked perfect for summer, I stopped using it as much because the weather cooled down and I did not really crave ice-cold water anymore. That is when I discovered that it keeps hot coffee, tea, etc. hot all day! Ever since this, I have used my S’well bottle almost every day and cannot believe I lived without it! I love how I can use it for all weather conditions and it is super cute! My exact bottle is linked above. Check out some of my favorite designs below!


Friday, July 15, 2016


Out of all the times, I have ventured up to Los Angeles, this was my second time exploring Malibu. The most notable restaurants along PCH that I noticed were Mastro’s, Nobu, and Malibu Farm. After sitting in the famous LA traffic, we decided it was best to eat at Malibu Farm because it is the only location in California, as opposed to the other options. Malibu Farm is known for serving fresh, organic, and locally grown food. I was slightly skeptical because I am not a big fan of “healthy “ food that tastes like plants or is very bland. But, Malibu Farm totally surprised me! The food tasted so rich and delicious and lacked the after-meal guilt. I took a bite everyone’s meals and it is safe to say I loved everything (very rare for me)! Along with the restaurant, a market and small shops are at the end of the pier, which makes the long drive (two hours for me) worth it. Aside from the fact that the restaurant d├ęcor and views are perfect for photos, the food is incredibly decadent! If you are ever in the area and have patience for traffic, I highly recommend taking and adventure to Malibu Farm!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Go-To Brunch Outfit

My latest obsession has been getting brunch, which also means sleeping in enough to miss “breakfast.” After waking up late, the last thing I want to do is put on jeans because on lazy days, when I get to sleep in, comfort is everything!! Normally I will throw on my Lulu Lemon Wunder Unders and a t-shirt, but I decided I needed to start changing it up. This is when joggers and I became BFFs! Joggers are comfortable, sporty, and flattering (unlike most typical sweatpants)! All I had to do for this look was put on one of my softest t-shirts, an oversized jean jacket, and I was ready! I love to wear my Nike Roche’s with this pair of joggers because they are a very similar color! Also, I added my navy blue baseball cap to add more blue with the jacket. This look is perfect for the days you want to swap your jeans for sweats! I purchased my joggers from an LF store and they are the brand “Emma & Sam.” Check out the joggers below to add to your wardrobe!


Thursday, June 30, 2016

National Charity League Senior Presents

National Charity League is an organization where girls and their mothers donate their time within their community. My mom and I began our NCL journey together when I was in seventh grade. Through my experience in NCL, I have learned to not take my blessings for granted. While everyone has hurdles in their life, a wider perspective can make your problems seem very minor compared to others. So you are probably wondering, why the wedding dress? At the end of senior year of high school, each chapter of National Charity League holds a Senior Presents where each girl is recognized for her accomplishments through her time in the organization (as you can tell it is very formal). After being presented we have a giant celebration with our closest family and friends! It was such a fun night to end my rewarding time in NCL.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

This past spring break I went to Chicago for my sister’s volleyball tournament. I watched her play, but I also took advantage of the city as well! I was excited to visit Chicago because I have heard that people generally like it, but as a New York kind of girl, I did not plan on liking it that much. After walking around and exploring, I loved it (just a little less than I love New York)! Michigan Avenue was basically every store you can think to shop at on one street, along with adorable restaurants and of course the Bean! For anyone wondering, the Bean is really worth the hype. I may have taken too many pictures of it because I have never seen anything like it. The Burberry store is another piece of art that caught my eye. It has the iconic plaid on the building! Chicago is basically a mini New York City with tons of great shopping and eating! What more does a girl need?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stagecoach Music Festival

Festival season is here! Last year I went to Stagecoach Country Music Festival and it was one of the best weekends! I am very sad to say I will not be going this year and with Coachella just passing I am really wishing I could make it. Yes, festivals are about the music, but the outfits are important too. It is a time when wearing fringe covered shorts or a bikini top with high-waisted shorts is nothing out of the ordinary. Unlike Coachella outfits, the typical Stagecoach outfit includes cowboy boots and flannels. While you cannot go wrong with a pair of traditional cowboy boots, wearing some with a little twist will your look more unique. I have my favorite finds linked below!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leather Jacket

Any piece of leather clothing/accessories can instantly make an outfit edgy for sure. The classic leather jacket is proof of this. Just by wearing my leather jacket with a pair of my favorite black jeans and a simple white tee it instantly gives the look an edgy flare. To spice up the outfit I added a statement shoe. These shoes are a current favorite in my closet because aside from the fact that they are ridiculously adorable, they are so different than just the typical black bootie. I am wearing the Louis Vuitton Retiro bag in the color Noir. I am obsessed with this bag, to say the least. The black details match almost all of my outfits because black is my constant go-to. The size of the bag fits everything I need for a full day of shopping or running quick errands. It complements the leather jacket perfectly and completes my look. Overall, leather jackets fit every season if you style them right and play up your outfit on the days you want to throw on your basic tee and a pair of jeans! Below are leather jackets that a recommend!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Senior Photos

Senior year has gone by so fast; it is hard to believe it is almost over. As I begin the countdown to Graduation, I get to do some of the most fun parts of high school. One of them is taking my senior photos.  Luckily for me, one of my sister’s best friends is an amazing photographer! I think it is important to take these pictures with someone who is fun and makes you laugh because the photos will turn out less posed and more natural (No one wants awkward photos). I recommend wearing something simple that won’t take away from you in the photo. If you wear something outlandish it will most likely not turn out well. As for the setting, you should choose somewhere that represents you. Whether this is your favorite park, a hiking trail, or the beach (like me), it is best to be somewhere you enjoy. In whole, senior photos are used to announce where your future is taking you, so it is most important for the photo to be your style! Please check out Lindsey’s amazing website & contact her for any questions (she’s the best)!


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