Wednesday, May 24, 2017


This year I have learned that hard work is essential to reaching your goals. If you had sat me down a few years ago and told me I would be attending community college I would have laughed. However, after receiving acceptances from universities worldwide during my senior year, I was not completely thrilled about any of them, as I have always been about the University of Southern California. I would never consider myself as someone who settles or fails to put time and effort into my goals. Swallowing my pride in the competitive bubble of Orange County, I attended the local community college to fulfill the requirements to transfer to USC through the Trojan Transfer Plan. I have worked immensely hard this past year in order to get where I know I want to end up. While it has not been easy, attending another four-year university that I did not love would be harder to swallow. By sacrificing the typical freshmen year experience, I stayed true to myself to not settle. With the sacrifices and hard work I have put forth this academic year, I am extremely thrilled to announce I will be attending USC in the fall. Reaching this goal of mine is so much sweeter because I know how hard I worked and how many sacrifices I made to accomplish it. Fight on!

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