Saturday, April 23, 2022

Las Vegas (Skylar's Bachelorette Edition)

I had so much fun this weekend celebrating Skylar's Bachelorette in VEGAS! It went by soo fast and I didn't get that many photos (which is when you know you're having a good time), but you can see our full itinerary in the top photo! We stayed at the Encore, which I loved, and would 100% stay there when I go back to Vegas.
On our first night, we went to dinner at The Mayfair Supper Club at the Bellagio! The food was divine, but there was also a show during dinner that made it super fun! After dinner & the show were over we got to dance on the stage (they played 'Dancing Queen' which was a huge plus)! Later that night we headed back to Encore to go to XS (purposely unpictured ;).
The next day we went to Encore Beach Club which was the highlight of my weekend! We had a table and danced all day long next to the DJ booth. It felt like such a fun summer day because it was HOT but we got through it with water & margaritas! Later that day we had dinner at Wazuzu which wasn't my personal favorite, but it did the job. Then we went to Magic Mike Live which was soo much fun (highly recommend)!


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