Tuesday, September 27, 2016

S'well Bottle

The past school year, reusable water bottles were very popular. In particular, the brand S’well had bottles selling in every boutique and department store I shop at. Due to the fact that I saw them everywhere, I had to get one (of course). Once I received mine in the mail, after ordering it online, I could not stop using it! I would leave it in the car with cold water and practically four hours later it would still be cold! While this worked perfect for summer, I stopped using it as much because the weather cooled down and I did not really crave ice-cold water anymore. That is when I discovered that it keeps hot coffee, tea, etc. hot all day! Ever since this, I have used my S’well bottle almost every day and cannot believe I lived without it! I love how I can use it for all weather conditions and it is super cute! My exact bottle is linked above. Check out some of my favorite designs below!


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