Friday, September 4, 2015

Grand Central Market

Grand Central Station reminds me of an indoor Times Square; It is crowded, slightly chaotic, and busy. I expected it to be like this because of the way it is on television, but I did not expect it to have food and shopping! When I first walked in the entrance from the subway I immediately ran into an adorable French bakery and a Vince Camuto store. Who would have known a train station could be like an airport? (Maybe that is common sense, but I had no idea.) I made my way into an adorable market with countless cheeses, yogurts, cookies, flowers, and baguettes. If you were thinking of having a picnic in Central Park, I would shop at this market because it is walking distance from the park, or if you are not looking to have a picnic, but enjoys markets, I would for sure stop by and walk through!

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