Monday, December 14, 2015

Florence, Italy

Florence is somewhere I have always wanted to go because I heard it has some of the best shopping! While Rome offered pretty good shopping, Florence was a little better because it had adorable boutiques and the leather market. The leather market is a (sometimes overwhelming) street of leather purses, wallets, jackets, duffle bags, etc. that include some knock-offs. The reason I say it is overwhelming is because if you look at a purse for the slightest second, the owner will immediately try to bargain with you. My sisters and I ended up all getting purses from the market. I was really happy that I got one because it is a souvenir, but not an “I Love Florence” T-shirt. Florence has a bridge of colorful buildings that looks like a mini town and every store on the bridge is a jewelry store, which was really charming. We found a really good Panini place (that was playing Justin Bieber’s music), where you made your own Panini. For obvious reasons I enjoyed my time there. The best part of Florence was the Christmas decorations and how it looked like I was walking in a dream. It was so beautiful, even at night. We shopped as much as we could, but then made our way to our last stop: Venice!

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