Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

This past spring break I went to Chicago for my sister’s volleyball tournament. I watched her play, but I also took advantage of the city as well! I was excited to visit Chicago because I have heard that people generally like it, but as a New York kind of girl, I did not plan on liking it that much. After walking around and exploring, I loved it (just a little less than I love New York)! Michigan Avenue was basically every store you can think to shop at on one street, along with adorable restaurants and of course the Bean! For anyone wondering, the Bean is really worth the hype. I may have taken too many pictures of it because I have never seen anything like it. The Burberry store is another piece of art that caught my eye. It has the iconic plaid on the building! Chicago is basically a mini New York City with tons of great shopping and eating! What more does a girl need?


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