Wednesday, December 13, 2017

San Francisco

The Weekender is a traditon for USC students to venture up to Northern California for a few days while our football team plays against University of California, Berkley. It is a nice, little getaway from schoolwork and Los Angeles. When I first arrived in San Francisco, my friend and I explored the must-see, tourist spots that are in the city. We went to the iconic Fisherman;s Wharf and Ghirideli Square! I always enjoy walking along the piers too because the area shows so much of San Francisco's culture with fishing boats and a lot of seafood markets (that sometimes do not smell the best)! We stopped by Boudin for lunch and went  through the bread museum (upstairs), wher we took a mini tour that I do, religiously, every time I am in San Francisco. On Saturday, we went out of the city to the Berkley campus and experienced game day tailgates on The Row. It was so exciting to expeirence a completely different school on game day and expore a city that I love! The lookout point we went to was Fort Point... if you find yourself in San Francisco I highly recommend you experience this unreal view (and take a few amazing photos)!


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