Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Living in London

 After living in London for the past four months I wanted to share my personal experience of studying and exploring in the city! First and foremost I am so glad I chose to study abroad in London because there was little to no language barrier, it has delicious food, easy transportation, and the shopping here cannot be beaten! 
My school was located in beautiful Bedford Square in Bloomsbury. I loved my school's location because it was near a ton of restaurants/shops and Oxford Street. This made adventuring after or in between classes super convenient. Also, the building is so charming and had the best view of the square!
The neighborhood I lived in was a thirty to forty-minute walk from my school and is known as Shoreditch. I would consider Shoreditch as a larger version of the arts district of Los Angeles. Not only is there street art on every corner, but there are also the most charming coffee shops and fun nightlife (shoutout Dinerama)!  
I also loved that there is always something to do or to see in London! You honestly cannot be bored when there is so much history to learn on endless tours or simply exciting places to explore and just walk around for fun. 
And when the hustle of the city got to be too stressful my favorite thing to do would be to take a break in one of London's parks or squares. Not only was a lot sunnier than I expected, but the parks genuinely feel like an escape.  
Lastly, my biggest worry when moving to London for a few months was how large and intimidated it would be to get around. However, I quickly realized that the buses and tube system was super easy to navigate thanks to the app called City Mapper! I took both the bus and the tube almost everywhere (sometimes called an Uber)! Overall, I loved living in London and I hope to return in the near future. 

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