Saturday, May 15, 2021

USC Class of 2020

Graduating from USC was a huge milestone for me, but unfortunately, my graduation took place during the very unknown time of the COVID-19 Pandemic! My family had a fun virtual graduation party for me and USC hosted a more traditional graduation a year later. It was super fun to be reunited with friends and celebrate our graduation altogether PLUS it took place in The Coliseum which made it even more special! 
We got to walk through the tunnel and onto the field where the ceremony took place. Traditionally USC graduations take place on campus, but it was a treat to be on the football field! 
The day was so fun and felt like the perfect ending to my time at USC! It was bittersweet to be back and surrounded by the same people, but my time in college truly wouldn't have been complete without this ceremony! 
I'm so proud to have graduated from my DREAM school and I'm so excited for what is to come! 


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