Saturday, January 12, 2019


The second stop on our day trip was to Stonehenge. The history behind it is actually more incredible than I imagined it would be. What I loved about seeing it was that you can walk 360° around it, seeing it from every angle! It looked a lot bigger in real life than these photos, which made it even more impressive that pre-historic peoples made it without tools.
I highly recommend walking all the way around it as I would consider it a one time stop for the average tourist (aka it was amazing, but I do not have the itch to go see it again). To be honest, it is in the middle of nowhere so there is not much to do other than see it, so I recommend making it a multiple stop day trips like we did! Also, they just added a little shop so you can get your caffeine fix (like I did) on your way to your next destination! 

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