Saturday, January 12, 2019

Windsor Castle

I am 99.9% sure that this is the first castle I have ever been to! Actually, now that I think about it I have been to Hearst Castle on California's central coast! While it was breathtaking, walking around Windsor Castle felt so much more like a dream come true. I was that ten-year-old that would not take of the Belle Disney Princess costume dress and wore it grocery shopping with my mom. 
Winsor was so enchanting and exactly how I imagined a castle to be as a little girl. It was grand (almost intimidating), yet charming at the same time. 
Something that was unexpected was the number of royal corgis for sale in the giftshops! It was completely unexpected but quite funny to see. I can honestly admit I had to hold myself back from purchasing a stuffed animal (I am 21-years old, you can judge me for admitting this).
I feel so lucky because when I was there the wedding outfits of Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex and Harry, Duke of Sussex were on display at Windsor Castle! While I do not follow the royal family closely, I do love every aspect of weddings! It is safe to say I spent twenty minutes taking all the details that could not be seen in photos. First, can we talk about her veil?! The flower detailing is insanely beautiful, but better yet had so many meaningful memories to Meghan! Also, Harry's coat had a lot of detail, along with a belt that I did not catch in photos from last spring. Last, I would be lying if I did not say that I fangirled over the fact that I made the same walk toward St. George's Chapel as Oprah and the Beckham's!!!! 
Despite the incredible castle, Windsor is a very charming town! I had the chance to walked around a little bit and it is for sure worth making the extra time for! 

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