Monday, March 11, 2019

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland was one of the most unique places I have ever been to. During my time abroad I have found myself going to big cities that generally all have the same feel with some slight differences, but Iceland struck me as so different. It was a quick trip that was less than 48 hours and I had two goals: 1) Seeing the Nothern Lights & 2) Experiencing the Blue Lagoon. 
Reykjavik was a charming small town that felt like I was on the set of a Hallmark movie! It had charming streets and small restaurants that had a very homey feeling.
The Swim-up Bar 
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is worth the hype!!! I have dreamt of going to the Blue Lagoon for so long now! Obviously, it is great for photos and all but I genuinely wanted to experience it for myself. For that reason, I had my phone for about an hour to capture the moment and then put it back in the lockers to allow myself to fully experience the incomparable experience! It honestly feels like a spa and even though it is man-made it still feels like it is apart of nature. It was a great escape from the busy city life of London.
Friends in Iceland!
Aside from tours, I highly recommend to walk around and take in the beautiful scenery of Iceland. We got very lucky with the sun which helped warm us up a little more, but walking around was worth freezing a little bit! 
The Northern Lights
Just wow! I was so sad when our Northern Lights tour got canceled our first night, but I stayed optimistic and it paid off (They cancel the tour if they know you for sure won't see anything due to cloud coverage, weather, etc.). We went out on our second night and saw this beautiful green in the sky! The photos actually turned out better than our eyes could see, but the iPhone cannot capture these kinds of photos.  TIP: Make friends with photographers on your tour and they will happily email you their photos. Not only did I get these photos, but I also met some nice friends from Hong Kong! 
Caruso Italian Restaurant 
 Food in Iceland is astronomically expensive. To give you an example this average pizza was around $20! There is really no avoiding these kinds of prices unless you plan all your restaurants ahead of time with some intense research. Otherwise, just prepare to splurge on food.
 We did eat burgers at this small little shop because they had a deal for about $7 each. I am honestly still grossed out I ate there and let's just say my stomach hated the food as well. Pick your battles while in Iceland ($ or questionable food).
We came across this cute cinnamon roll place while walking back from the bus stop! I just had a coffee, but the rolls smelt and look divine! 
American Bar
Shockingly, The American Bar was the happening place when we were in Reykjavik! Most likely because it was the 30 year anniversary since beer became legal in Iceland! March 1 is known as 'Beer Day' and we fully celebrated with the locals with this about $5 beer.
I really was not sure if I wanted to go to Iceland because the hotels were so expensive compared to most European cities, however, I am so thankful we ended up getting an Air BNB in this charming neighborhood. It felt like a cozy cabin and if we were not staying in a residential area I do not think I would have made an effort to see these charming streets. 

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