Sunday, March 24, 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was so excited to go to Amsterdam because I have only heard amazing things about it! While I wanted to go in January, I didn't because I committed to putting it off until April in order to be able to see the tulip fields at Keukenhof Gardens (see my post by clicking here) that are only a forty-five-minute drive from the city. 
Something you must do in Amsterdam is a canal cruise and they are everywhere! I went on this one first thing when I got there, but I wish I researched a little more because I did not love the tour part of this one. Anyway, it is still fun to see everything from the canal view. 
As you can tell, everything looks so different from being in a boat and we even went by things I would not have seen otherwise. 
Mocco Museum
The Mocco Museum is in an area with a bunch of other world renown museums! We chose to only go in this one because we were short on time, but also because we love Banksy and there's a ton of his work in here. It is also more of a fun vibe for an art museum. 
If you cannot make it to Keukenhof I highly recommend at least visiting this tulip museum! Maybe I am just a flower lover, but I think regardless it is so cool to see so many tulips in one place. 
Next door you will run into the cheese museum, which was recommended to me by a friend! It is actually really cool because you can try every single cheese in there and the workers were so nice. My friend and I ended up getting a huge piece of truffle cheese for about 15 euros and enjoyed it with friends! 
Anne Frank House
Getting tickets for the Anne Frank House was incredibly difficult for my friend and me, but with a little luck, my friend managed to get the tickets from the online waiting list! I am so grateful because it was a crazy experience and incredibly eye-opening. This bookshelf is the original bookshelf that blocked the entrance to the Frank family hidden apartment. 
This is essentially the Central Park of Amsterdam. We just happened to go at sunset, but it was honestly so beautiful and I highly recommend going around the time of sunset. 
Red Light District
While in Amsterdam you must walk through the Red Light District just to experience it, but it is safe to say I stayed for a solid ten minutes and then left! 
van Wonderen Stroopwafels
Stroopwafels originated in the Netherlands and the absolute best ones are from this little, boutique shop! You can find these all over Instagram, but beyond the photo, they are to die for and completely worth the inevitable line out the door. 
For a group dinner, we ate at this Asain Fusion restaurant that was highly recommended! To be completely honest it did not blow me away, but it was for sure delicious food if you're looking for dumplings, pad thai, etc. 
We only spent about an hour or so in Foodhallen, but thank God because it was full of delicious food that I could have eaten for hours! I went to this Mexican inspired place and got a taco bowl and also got a gin and tonic from the gin bar. I think this is a must for lunch in Amsterdam!
Pancakes Amsterdam
Who knew Amsterdam had so much cultural food? I didn't. So our last breakfast stop was getting a Dutch Pancake and even though I try my best to avoid dairy I was told I had to get the cheese and ham one. Let's just say I somehow ate this whole thing and I knew if I left a bite I would have highly regretted it. Ugh, kind of craving another one right now. 
van Wonderen Frieten
The same boutique place that makes the stroopwafels also has this french fry place that is to die for! They also have burgers and milkshakes! It is located by a ton of shopping and so it is the perfect snack or lunch or dinner (or all three lol).  Can never go wrong with french fries and a shake, so that's what I ordered and devoured!
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The weekend we were going to Amsterdam hotels seemed to be extremely pricey and I really did not want to stay in a hostel, so my friend and I stayed at the NH Collection Amsterdam Centre (Not City Centre -- there's two). It was a great location and well worth the extra money! You cannot really go wrong with the location in Amsterdam (as long as you're by the canals)  because it is all walking distance!

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