Thursday, April 4, 2019

Paris, France 2.0

These few days in Paris are some I will never ever forget! Ever since my sisters and I started playing sports it has been incredibly difficult to go on family vacations as just the five of us. 
One of my favorite parts of Paris is the iconic Eiffel Tower! Not only is it so iconic and surreal to see, but it is one of the best views in the world. This was my second time at the top of the Eiffel Tower and my family and I celebrated with a champagne toast. 
This was by far the most beautiful chapel I have ever been in. The stained glass windows made the room feel like the inside of a rainbow. If you want to visit here I highly recommend preordering tickets to skip the line and save a lot of time.  
You cannot go to Paris without going shopping! Printemps Haussmann is my personal favorite place for high-end shopping in Paris and it also has an amazing rooftop. It is known for its stained glass domes as well.
I will always remember Paris for the good times I had just walked the streets! You honestly cannot make a wrong turn. Because of the previous trip, I took with my mom and family friend & now my family making it is for sure a city that holds a special place in my heart.
Palace of Versailles
Hall of Mirrors
Versailles is about an hour drive outside of Paris and I believe it is worth no more than a half-day trip (especially if you have limited time in Paris). While it is beautiful it is like any major museum where you could spend three days inside and never see it all.  
Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe gives very unique views of the 8th arrondissement and beyond. The stairs climbing to the top can replace your workouts for the week (yes, there are that many stairs), but it is completely worth it. 
Cathédrale Notre-Dame
My family and I had the privilege to see Cathédrale Notre-Dame before the fire that recently occurred and it is such an iconic place in Paris that is worth going to the Gothic Quarter to see.  
Pont Alexandre III Bridge & Eiffel Tower
Though Paris has so many sights to see and check off your bucket list there is nothing like walking around Paris and just running into views, statues, bridges, landmarks, etc. This photo above is a perfect example of that because we went out on a limb and walked back to our hotel from dinner and experiences this incredible view. 
French Onion Soup
Au Petit Tonneau
I am not the biggest fan of traditional French food, but while in Paris I highly recommend researching a French restaurant (to make sure you will like something on the menu) and trying at least one! My mom found this restaurant through researching and it was delicious! More importantly, it was an intimate setting and felt like we were in someone's home.
Robert et Louise
While in Europe, I am very trepidatious to splurge on steakhouses because I have found that they are very different from ones in America, BUT this place could be the biggest exception to the places I have been before. Not only do they cook the steak perfectly to your liking, but they also do it right in the middle of the restaurant. This is a must for steak lovers in Paris!
For the most part, you cannot go wrong with Italian food in Paris. We came across this place and it was delicious and authentic. Would I go out of my way to go there again? Probably not, but it was the perfect dinner to share among the five of us.
One thing I cannot resist while in France is macaroons! I highly recommend stopping in small bakeries you pass to get some because they not only taste better, but they are also priced better. But, I cannot go to Paris without going to Angelina (as much as it bothers me to be so touristy). If you have time to get one of their hot chocolates as well, you will understand my obsession. 
Hotel Regina Louvre
Last time I was in Paris I stayed near the Arc de Triomphe and so this time I was super excited to stay in a completely different part of the city. The Hotel Regina was very luxurious and felt very Parisian.
The daily breakfast was delicious and very convenient. Also, the service was great because they took the time to get to know our orders and had our coffee ready bright and early when we needed to get to the train station or tours. 
My favorite part of Hotel Regina was the view from my parent's suite! There is nothing more than I have dreamed about as a little girl than taking in the view of the Eiffel Tower and Parisian architecture on a private balcony. In the end, I would stay here again without a doubt.

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