Monday, May 2, 2022

Athens, Greece

I think we did our time in Athens perfectly! We flew into Athens and checked into the Sofitel Athens Airport, which is just outside the arrivals terminal, and then took a taxi into the city. Since we only wanted to see a few ruins, one day was all we needed! 
We were starving from a long travel day and so we went to this stunning rooftop bar with a perfect view of the Acropolis! There were views of other ruins as well, but none as pretty as the Acropolis. We had a bite and then walked all the way up there to see it up close!
Seeing these ruins were really cool, but if I am being honest it was the only reason we were in Athens (like many). It was short and sweet (and very hot) to walk around and take it in, take pictures, and check it off our bucket lists!
We also went to this adorable restaurant for another snack after our hike to the Acropolis and I'm so sad because I forget the name of it, but I know it was in the Plaka, Monastiraki neighborhood! It felt super local and had an adorable vibe that stood out from the busy, city vibe Athens had overall. After this, we taxied back to the airport where we slept & caught a flight for the next morning for Mykonos. Our taxi driver was extremely nice and drove us by a few more landmarks like the Panathenaic Stadium! 

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