Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was so beautiful and so much fun! Given that it was a family trip we didn't experience the clubbing side of the island, but it was beautiful and full of delicious restaurants. We arrived right at the beginning of the season, which meant it was a little chilly & windy, and restaurants were just opening, but we made the most of it!
One of my favorite days was when we went to Mykonos Town! It was the part of the island that you'd imagine when you picture Greece or see it on IG. We walked around and saw the adorable shops, windmills, and other boutiques. My family and I loved strolling through the allies and getting lost in this little part of town!
Something no one tells you about Mykonos is that it is generally spread out and if you want to adventure into other villages you have to take the bus or sprinter vans (and there's no in-between). Since we were only there for a few days we didn't want to waste time waiting for the bus and so we took these luxury vans the majority of the time! It felt very VIP, but also really added up! 

This charming restaurant was located on renowned Ornos Beach! The food was so delicious and the owner and staff were so kind! They showed us their fresh fish refrigerator and a unique lobster they had caught earlier in the day. It was a great start to our time in Mykonos and a great way to watch the sunset. 
We went to Captain's while we were in Mykonos Town and it was divine! They do not take reservations and are known to have a long wait, which the owner actually told us they stopped doing reservations because they'd hold the table and people wouldn't show. Luckily, we got a table fairly quickly (though I would wait hours for this meal if needed) and we devoured the lamb chops and fresh seafood! 
Nikos Gallop 
This restaurant was within walking distance of our hotel and was packed with people! The fish was delicious and you could tell it was super fresh. I wouldn't go out of your way to eat here, but if you stay at a resort nearby then I'd for sure take advantage! 
Yialo Yialo
Again, within walking distance from our hotel was a strip of beach clubs and restaurants and so we went down for lunch. We didn't have a set plan and ran into this gem, Yialo Yialo! We really enjoyed this meal also and talked with the staff about DK Oyster, which is a few places over that you should NEVER go!! They confirmed what I heard on TikTok which is that they serve you a ton of food/drinks without telling you the price and then hand you a bill for thousands!! Big red flag - for sure go to Yialo Yialo instead!
Scorpios is owned by Soho House and is somewhere I really wanted to go for a fun, party dinner! Not going to lie, they were kind of rude here and it seemed like since we weren't the typical party people (we were with our parents lol) who were going to buy bottle service they didn't care for us too much. Regardless we had a good time and the food was actually good too!

Petasos Beach Resort & Spa
Our hotel was for sure a highlight of our time in Mykonos! To start, they upgraded our rooms upon arrival so my parents had a private pool, a bouquet of flowers, and champagne in their room. They were so kind and helped us get around the island by calling the sprinter vans for us! The breakfast was served right at tables right on the ocean every day and it was delicious. It was a tad too chilly to hang out by the pool/beach and so we only did that one day, but I would love to come back in the middle of the summer to stay here again!

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