Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Berlin, Germany

Germany was a country I 100% wanted to visit while abroad! After talking with some of my friends that went I knew Berlin would not be my favorite place in the world (which it still is not), but I knew I would love embracing German culture. I did so most traditionally with a giant (like actually huge) glass of beer and a pretzel! A beer garden is a must when you are anywhere in Germany...it was so much fun and felt out of a movie. 
Hofbräu Berlin
Me, my beer, and my pretzel 
Berlin Cathedral 
Brandenburg Gate
The Berlin Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate are two places where you will find the most tourists, but they are for sure two of the most beautiful monuments. I would make sure to see both and walk around the surrounding areas because it really helped me understand what Berlin had to offer. 

Berlin Wall
Seeing the Berlin Wall in real life had to be one of the most surreal things. It is so simple to just look at, but knowing the great history behind it (which I have been learning about since high school) made it so cool to finally see. Also, the artwork on there was so fascinating to me. 
Museum Island 
Pergamon Museum
Neues Museum
Museum Island was highly recommended everywhere that I researched and it was only about $10 for tickets to all of the museums (student price). As someone who personally does not love walking around a museum for hours, I did not love this. But, I can say I saw a lot of really cool things so I would recommend planning on seeing specific things there in advance. I just went in blindly and did not find it that notable.
Adidas Originals
Adidas was founded in Germany (about 230 miles away from Berlin) and so going into these stores was something I was looking forward to! I went to both Adidas stores and they were not super original, but the timing was great because it had all of their new collection.  & Lizzy if you're reading this I got you something!
Spree Berlin & Reichstag Dome
Checkpoint Charlie 
Berlin Tower
A few other sights to see are those above. I walked along the Spree River one morning and loved how peaceful it was. I almost skipped Checkpoint Charlie, but I am so happy I went and took a photo because it was really interesting to see where the present day spot is so different from the past. Most of where I walked around just happened to be by the Berlin Tower. It is where most of the great shopping and restaurants are. 
The only bar my friend and I went to was this one, which was literally all locals. We also left before the prime time when everyone is out, so I do not have much to share about Berlin nightlife, but my advice is to always keep Euros on you because a lot of places are cash only. 
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
This is a very emotionally moving memorial. I believe this is a must-see when in Berlin and looking up the back story and artist really helped further understand it.

I tried traditional German food and then ate mostly Italian for the rest of the trip (Lol)! It did not taste bad, but I was not in love with the food.
Djimalaya - hummus & grill
This place is insanely delicious! I would go back o Berlin just to eat here again. I know it is super popular so I would make sure to make a reservation. 

Hotel NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse
This hotel was so nice and affordable! Most importantly though it was very centrally located and in walking distance of everywhere we wanted to go. Lastly, there was great shopping in this area, so if you do not stay here make sure to at least shop here.

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