Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Manly Beach

Growing up in a beach city I have an appreciation and love for each one I visit. Australia is home to so many, but Manly would have to be one of my favorites! 
For all of my Southern California Natives, I would compare it to San Clemente, while Bondi Beach relates to Laguna Beach. The difference is Manly and San Clemente are both lowkey beach towns versus being tourist attractions. While they are just as beautiful, in general, the crowd that is looking for Instagram photos instead a chill day at the beach would be found at Bondi instead of Manly!
This is one of my favorite moments I captured in Australia because this is a completely unposed stranger, whom of which is probably a local. Witnessing little, local moments like this is the reason I love traveling outside of the tourist traps.
We walked around the boardwalk and saw incredible views that I will forever cherish and remember Australia for. After about a mile of walking, we ended up in a little cove called Shelly Beach where the cutest restaurant, called The Boathouse, was packed with guests! In this instance, we followed the crowd for this one and wow it was worth it! In honor of Happy Hour, I ordered a Moscow mule and delicious fish & chips! Aside from the much-needed meal,  The Boathouse was decorated to match the beach aesthetic of the town. Needless to say, Manly Beach is a must-see for laid-back and tourist-avoiding travelers out there. 
When I had a day off of work I chose to go back to Manly because I felt like I only went to the basic spots. I decided to just explore the quaint neighborhoods and started by walking along the beautiful beach. 
 Then, I walked through the streets to find little gems that were off the beaten path. I was alone and just walked around taking in the everyday life of Manly Beach locals. 

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