Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Melbourne, Australia

After just four days of settling into my new summer home, Sydney, I was ecstatic to start traveling! My family, who would be staying in Australia for two weeks, and I set off to explore another well-known city, Melbourne. I was surprised to find that it is noticeably different than Sydney. One of the first things I realized was that Melbourne is more of a late-night town compared to Sydney. One night, we ate at a posh, sushi restaurant called Saké and it was crowded with dinner guests around  9 PM. I don't know about you, but back home I'm used to 7 PM dinner reservations. 
One of the other amazing adventures my mom planned (she is basically a traveling agent btw) was going to Fisher's Island to watch the smallest penguins in the world (literally) venture out of the ocean and into their burrows where they sleep. I was so happy we did this unique excursion because 1) the Penguins were one of the cutest animals I've ever laid my eyes on, 2) the island we were on was where the Hemsworth brothers grew up (which not many people can say they've seen), and 3) the sunset was incredibly beautiful and reminded me of home. Unfortunately, they do not allow photos of the penguins because they are very sensitive, but I did have the chance to capture the sunset! 
As far as food and shopping, Melbourne is without a doubt a dream! (My food adventures are linked here. The Rooftop Bar / Queen Victoria Market) I enjoyed unique spins on classic food and even spent my time in one of the most amazing markets I have ever been to! The Emporium Melbourne had every store I could think of and was interesting to walk through. 
One of my favorite parts of Melbourne was the free walking tour. I only take these when I'm with my mom traveling because she is obsessed with them, but this one stood out to me because of the witty and sarcastic guide that made landmarks more entertaining than your average (boring, sorry) tour guide. This one made me realize that I should take these tours more often because they always lead you to hidden gems in the city that I would be very unlikely to cross paths with otherwise. One of these gems being this charming coffee shop that is beloved by locals and the walk-up sushi places that were on every other block. While I did not have the chance to try the coffee (still craving it), I tried some sushi from a walk-up restaurant. I will admit I was a bit skeptical, however, I devoured two rolls and enjoyed every bite!
I have a passion for art and I have a slight obsession with seeing other peoples' works of art, especially street art. To me, street art is such an amazing form of self-expression because it is free to see and it usually always tells a story about the artist and/or city. Also, anyone can make street art which allows everyone an opportunity to showcase their talent. Melbourne is recognized for its street art, which I took advantage of seeing. From walls to allies with artists at work. It was incredible to observe such a clean city like Melbourne embracing street artists and their talents. 

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