Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

If you asked me what my biggest fear in the world is I would without hesitation tell you it is heights. I tear up on the Ferris wheel at the Orange County fair and for a long time would refuse to walk up stairs that were see-through in-between with fear that I would fall through. But, with the number of people that told me the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was a "must-do" I was determined to do it. One morning, my family decided they were doing it and I knew the FOMO would be very real if I did not go with them. This led to me signing up the morning of my sunset climb (which most people book weeks or months before)!
As you can tell from these photos I ended up having a blast and tried my best to ignore that I was so high in the air. It was an amazing experience that I will recommend to anyone and everyone who visits Sydney. It helped that our instructor was witty and a little sarcastic in the funniest way to keep me laughing, even when I was most terrified. However, the biggest distraction from my fear was the incredible view. I remember turning to my sisters so many times and saying, "Can you believe we are actually here right now?" 
Cameras are not allowed on the bridge climb, which I ended up enjoying because I am often found taking pictures of everything and forgetting to take in the moment, but they take a few photos of you which you can purchase. This last one shows how crazy the wind was the whole time we were up there and I mean wind so strong it was pushing me side-to-side a little. I think that made it a little more suspenseful, which I embraced as you can tell by the unposed photo that was taken. 
All in all, you MUST do the Sydney Bridge Climb if it even remotely interests you! It gives you the best views of the Opera House and the city, they give you that adorable outfit to wear ;), and you will never experience anything else like it! 

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