Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bondi Beach

I held very low expectations for Bondi Beach coming into my Australian adventure. I knew it had the really cool pools and was iconic, but did not expect to fall in love with this beach city. I roamed the streets finding coffee shops (some California themed) and little boutiques. Everyone was so welcoming and after multiple visits, I felt like I was such a local.
I believe what made me blind to my potential love of Bondi was the fact that the only thing shown on Instagram is the pools. Living in Sydney allowed me to continue discovering new things and coming back. This included just sitting on this hill in front of the beach, which is a place most people probably have never seen and finding the famous Bondi Ink Tattoo Parlor that had its own TV show back in the day. 
Among my favorite trips to Bondi was the Sunday markets where there were a lot of local artists and flowers! Here, I met a photographer that personally went up in helicopters and took aerial photos of Sydney's most beautiful beaches. He made his photographs into all sorts of merchandise and showed us videos of him shooting from above. Meeting people like him made me fall in love with Australia even more.

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