Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Watson Bay

Watson Bay was on my must-go places, but I went out of the blue on my last weekend in Sydney. On the uber ride there we drove through some of the more affluent suburbs with prestigious, private schools and coastal mansions. Not going to lie, it reminded me a lot of Laguna Beach/Orange County and oddly enough, it transported me home for a little. 
One of the main reasons why I wanted to stop by Watson Bay while in Sydney was because of this adorable and iconic beach club. It is a hotel right along a mini boardwalk with breath-taking views of the city and the local boats. To complement its charm, it also offers such a fun and laid back vibe.
I also went to Watson Bay to see the Hornby Lighthouse! Along the walk, I saw a very "locals-only" beach and more amazing views that I could not get enough on. I am so lucky I came on such a clear day to take in more of Sydney's beauty.
On the walk, we not only ran into some beautiful views but also some shocking and unexpected ones! Specifically, this NUDE beach was along the walk and the people were not shy down there. While I was taking in the view I noticed the people yelling up at us for their attention and then read the sign. For sure an unexpected adventure I will not forget.
Despite the distractions along the way ;) I made it to the lighthouse! It was gorgeous to see and it was surrounded by abandoned, concrete building-like structures. It was such an amazing view, yet again and I could not get enough of it. An ocean breeze is one of my favorite feelings and I would be lying if I said this cliff was not one of my favorite places in the whole world. 
One of the best parts of Sydney is that the ferry can take you literally anywhere, so even though we ubered there, we took the ferry back! The view of the city from the ferry is such a blessing in disguise. I purposely took the ferry back into the heart of Sydney during the sunset intentionally multiple times just to take in this view! So basically to sum Watson Bay up into one word: VIEWS.

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