Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Byron Bay

While spending the weekend in the Gold Coast, I took a bus to the world-renown Byron Bay, a town known for its beaches, surfing, and hippie vibe! As proven in the photos, it is absolutely gorgeous as well. 
Since we were only in Byron for the day, I made sure to pack as much adventure into the few hours I had! One of our stops included the Cape Byron Lighthouse. It was huge and it stood crisply white on a bright green cliff! These were some of the best views I saw in all of my time down under!
I also went to the Crystal Castle and boy, was this an adventure. I took an uber from the main beach part of town up in the hills for about thirty minutes to take in some of the most spiritual parts of Byron. This was a retreat from the busy city internship life and had different spiritual activities that made me feel like a local. 
There were many activities like walking on those small stones to help with circulation.  Amongst the activities was the gratitude tree! I find myself always wishing a reflected more on everything I have as opposed to being disappointed in those I lack. This made me take time to think about what I am truly grateful for and  hang it on the lemon tree with the rest!
I ended my time in Byron Bay at the main beach and walking around the charming town. It gave Hamptons vibes, however with a major hippie/spiritual person twist. I took home a few crystals for family, friends, and myself to remind all of us to slow down and try to emulate the Byron Bay locals every once in a while!

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