Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Opera Bar

For a while, I was convinced that I would not go to the Opera Bar because it seemed what may be a huge tourist trap. But after I gave in once I could not stop going!
 By day the Opera Bar was nothing short of a beautiful and relaxing place to take advantage of. It is directly on the water and so getting the nice breeze with a glass of rosé in hand can easily leave you with no complaints. It is quite empty during the day and so if you are looking for a more upbeat atmosphere for sure check it out after dark!
Even just walking through the bar is worth it because you can take in how unique of a location it is. There are very few places that offer unobstructed views of both the Harbour Bridge and Opera House!
I went to the Opera Bar for dinner one night during twilight! To be honest, it was an accident because we missed the sunset, but it still managed to be beautiful. To my surprise my food was delicious! I had my doubts because I thought it was all hype to go to the Opera Bar for an overpriced meal. 
Anyway, learn from me that not everything that seems to be a total tourist trap may not be. If you want to try something, just do it and you could be surprised!

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