Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Scoop Wholefoods

Okay so let's be honest, Wholefoods is my staple grocery store that keeps me on my healthy lifestyle trends and being away from it for two months hurt my heart a little. But, one day while I was adventuring through Bondi I found this beautiful place that quickly became an addiction.
It was very small but so charming and I loved it because it was all self-serve based on how much you needed. This was key because I could just get enough for my week and then get different meals/snacks for the next week. 
I might be one of the only people obsessed with these kinds of places, but this was one of the hidden gems that made me so happy while in Australia and honestly kept me sane. This is because eating out can get old really quickly, so being able to whip up a clean, homecooked meal was key after a long week!

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