Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Living in Sydney, Australia

Wow, I am incredibly thankful for this experience. I signed up to spend my summer in Sydney thinking it would be an adventure, but little did I realized how much I would grow. Being on my own in such an unfamiliar place drove me out of my comfort zone and made me learn how independent I could be.
On top of my personal growth, I learned that Australians are the nicest people with hearts of gold. I cannot recall one interaction with someone that treated me with blatant disrespect. Rather they welcomed me into their coffee shops, offices, restaurants, etc. with open arms. Most left me with little anecdotes, whether it be stories, business cards, etc. to remember my experience with them. 
What made Sydney so inspiring to me is the routine of the city. Their public transportation is almost flawlessly implemented and it was the heart of my experience there. I took the bus, train, and ferry on average five times a day. This is where I gained such a brighter knowledge of the locals and I felt like I could blend into their culture (until I talked and did not have their cool accent). 
What kept me falling in love with Sydney throughout my two months there was its effortless beauty. Every day made me reflect on how lucky I was to have the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. 
Being located in Sydney allowed me to discover so much of what the other side of the world has to offer. In total, I traveled to Melbourne, CairnsGold Coast, Byron BayAucklandand little places in between. I would not trade my experiences for anything! I cannot wait for my next adventure abroad. 

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