Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Orbit 360° Dining

I loved that we went to dinner here for our last name because we got to observe how far we had gone throughout Auckland. It was also such a beautiful view to enjoy during my last Sunday nigh abroad. The food was delicious but pricey so if you just want the view I would recommend paying admission to the skywalk.
 If you have never heard of, nor been to a restaurant like this, the dining room slowly spins so that you can take in a full 360-degree view. It was located on top of the Auckland Sky Tower, which served as a convenient tip. Our reservation/meal came with full access to the tower, so we did not need to pay to have access to the skywalk. 
Keep in mind, I am deadly afraid of heights (like I cry on Ferris wheels), so I challenged myself to walk on this glass floor just so I could say I did it (& face my fear). 

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