Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Celcius Coffee Co.

Celsius Coffee Co. was one of the top brunch places I had to go while living in Sydney (& trust me there were a lot of brunches on my list). The main reason was the exclusivity and the charming location. 
It is located on the very end of a neighborhood street making it basically hidden, but also right on the water. It is very, very tiny though so if you plan on going expect at least an hour wait. TIP: it is walking distance from Wendy's Secret Garden (Blog post here) and so I walked there and back during the two hour wait. 
Aside from the really unique location, the food was colorful and delicious! It made for a perfect start to the day. In case you want a savory option you can see my friend's meal pictured above & yes her "side" of avocado was an actual half an avocado (so if that does not sell you on this place, I am not sure what will)!!

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