Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cøpenhagen, Denmark

 Copenhagen was at the top of my list when going abroad! I knew it was a colorful city with a lot of character and after going, that is exactly how I would describe it. But I will say two things I did not expect though was the amazing shopping (but, I'll get into that later) and freezing weather. As you have probably (jk for sure) seen all over social media is this colorful strip called Nyhavn. It was one of my favorite places to walk around and one of those places that nowhere else can compare to!
Love Locks on Canal Bridge 
Magasin Du Nord Department Store
 One word you will need to know in Copenhagen: Stroget. Stroget is one of the largest streets dedicated to pedestrians (car-free) that is full of stores. With nearly 0.7 miles of shopping, you are guaranteed to get carried away in high-end and bargain shopping. I, myself, am guilty of finding myself in Louis Vuitton (proof below), & Other Stories, Sephora, Topshop, and basically any other store you can think of.  Going in and out of shops was also my solution to freezing my unprepared a** off! It is also a beautiful street to walk around if shopping is not your thing.
Louis Vuitton 
The Round Tower
If you are looking to get an amazing view of Copenhagen, The Round Tower is your place! It is only a $5 entry and it is located in the center of Copenhagen. The walk up is not bad at all and the view is breathtaking! 
View from The Round Tower
 Another must-see in Copenhagen is Freetown Christiania. Honestly, I was scared the whole time I was here, but it was so worth it. Basically, it is an alternative society with three main laws: 1) Have Fun 2) Don't Run 3) No Photos (This is what I have been told, so don't quote me). Obviously, I daringly broke rule #3 (oops). Basically, it is full of people selling different substances and having a jolly good time! I do not know enough to speak for what Freetown stands for, but I would recommend googling more and going if you have the chance!
Exit Sign of Christiania
There were bikes like this on every corner!
Canal Tours Copenhagen  
I took a $15 canal tour that I think was totally worth it! If I am being honest I really took it to ride down the canal along Nyhavn and I do not regret it. It was additionally nice to hear about certain buildings and their significance.
Snapchat of me on the trampolines
Low-quality photo, but a high-quality time!

Sankt Peders Bageri
This place had a great selection of delicious pastries! My friend got a "fake pop tart" as I called it, which was divine and this cinnamon roll was not too sweet, just like I like it!
There were candied nut stands on almost every corner and I regretfully did not get any!
Bar Jacobsen
A few friends and I went to happy hour (2 for 1 drinks) at Bar Jacobsen, which is located at the Illium Rooftop. Not only was it a great location, but the drinks were refreshing after a day of shopping (life's hard ;)!
This dinner was ridiculously delicious! Luckily, I went with a big group, so we had the chance to over order, try a lot of different menu items, and shamelessly overeat. This had to be the best pizza I have ever had and I am really sad I cannot have any right now. 

Traditional Open Face Sandwiches 

Un Mercato

Torvehallerne is a must while in Copenhagen!! It was on my list and I almost passed it up, but I ended up going four-five times while I was there. There are such diverse meals or snacks you can get while you're there! Honestly, I would go back to Copenhagen to have some of these meals (especially the cinnamon roll)! They also have cute pop-up shops that all relate to food.

This was one of the best waffle I’ve ever had! This place is touristy because it is on Nyhavn, but so worth it. There are two waffle places, so make sure you look out for this one. I got the Belgian waffle with soft serve yogurt and chocolate sauce and loved it!
Tommi's Burger Joint
This was such a local place and known to be some of the best burgers in Copenhagen! Loved every bite and would highly recommend. It is a taste of home :)
Hot Buns
I surprisingly ate a few burgers in Copenhagen! This one was really good too. Accidentally came across this place, but I enjoyed every bite.

Hotel Maritime
Or I should say DO NOT STAY! I tried to be a little too money conscious on this trip and ended up in a scary hotel. It was dirty and the manager was very rude! I did not let them ruin my trip, but ew.

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