Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Night Out in Notting Hill

When you hear "Notting Hill" you probably picture a quaint, colorful street, a blue door, and a small-town bookshop. This would be my reaction too, however, I wanted to see another side of this part of London! I ventured out to Notting Hill for a girl's night on a rainy evening. To my surprise, there are many hidden gems after dark in Notting Hill.
Portobello Star Cocktail Bar
This small cocktail bar was dimly lit with some of the best cocktails! The bartenders were witty and interactive with us, which made the experience that much more fun! We did not make it there before 9pm, but I will for sure be going back because it is 2-for-1 Happy Hour! I ordered the Message From Mexico and it was a refreshing tequila cocktail. The bartender also added a tiny bottle of cherry liquor as part of the garnish. 
The Distillery Bar
We also went to The Distillery, which we had the impression that it was a four-story bar, but maybe we could not find the stairs (lol). We sat at the bar and it was a little quiet in there, however, it was a Tuesday so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say we went on a wrong day for a great atmosphere! Here I ordered my go-to drink (tequila soda with an orange wedge)!
Electric Diner
Avocado Toast
To finish off the night we went to this spunky diner! I was honestly expecting to walk into Red Robbin with burgers and families, but I was so wrong!  We walked into a classy bar with booths lining the side and people sipping champagne left and right. A few more friends met us here and we ordered some white wine, french fries, and this insane avocado toast! I would highly recommend this place as a nightcap. 


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