Sunday, February 10, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

I had heard a million and one amazing things about Prague before going and every single one I found to be true! It was beautiful, full of culture, and so welcoming. Before you scroll you will find that I do not have as many photos as most of my trips for Prague and there's a really good reason for that! This was my first trip with a group and I had so much fun that I honestly forgot to take out my camera most of the time. In my opinion that is more "goals" than any insta-worthy picture. 
Golden Lane
St. George's Basilica at Prague Castle
Prague Squad!
So the castle is a full uphill battle (literally) to get to, but it is so worth it! We mostly saw St. George's Basilica and Golden Lane because those were ~free~ but both of those were amazing to see the area has great views of Prague, which made it all worth it. 
Old Town Square
I would describe Old Town Square as an old-fashioned Times Square (does that even make sense?). It was the center of town for sure and it had different entertainers, such as the bubble man & yes I paid him to put bubbles over us and take our photo (worth it!!!). 
View from Old Town Hall Tower
To climb the tower it was probably $7 and it only took 10 minutes, but I mean look at this view! I feel like I saw this for every city, but this was one of the most beautiful views I have seen. The lighting was perfect and the burnt orange rooftops just made it so picturesque. 
Prague Astronomical Clock
Every hour the clock does a really cool show, which shows the procession of the apostles. I would highly recommend going on the hour!
John Lennon Wall

I love street art and this was super cool because people were actively painting on the wall as I was there! It is kind of a tourist trap, but worth to see because it is in a great area to walk around. 
Charles Bridge 
The Charles Bridge was one of my favorite places in Prague! I walked there at almost every hour of the day and it had breathtaking views that photos could not capture. It was really a place that you have to experience in real life. 
Anonymous Bar
My friends and I had a little too much fun while bar hopping around Prague! The people are very welcoming and love to have a good time (so we fit in just fine). One of my favorite bars was this bar that had masks and amazing (like best I have ever had) spicy margaritas! I also made friends with some of the servers and they gave me great recommendations for more bars to go to! 
These are just some photos where I walked around and got lost a little (which is my favorite thing to do in a new place)!
La Piccola Perla‬
I found this place because my friends and I were craving Italian and it was delicious! It was also not that expensive and the people were again so nice!
Street Burger Bistro
This place is known as one of the best burgers in Prague and it lived up to my expectations! I just got a plain cheeseburger (because I am picky and boring) and onion rings. It was just delicious and in such a cute area (near the John Lennon Wall). 
Good Food 
These magical deserts are called trdelniks and they are stuffed with delicious ice cream and other toppings! I found this place because they make them pretty, but there are so many vendors with them all over Prague, so you do not need to go to this specific place. I got whip cream in mine and it was not sweetened so it was interesting, but the breaded part was heavenly! Tip: Order ice cream for the inside!

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